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Cameo Cinema  

Cameo CinemaHi, I'm Cathy Buck...the Cameo Cinema proprietor. I was born Catherine Huggett oldest of 9 in Battle Creek, Michigan some ???? years ago. I have 3 grown...extraordinary children! My oldest Jason is currently residing in St. Helena....Jessica and Jeremy are twins, Jess lives in New York with her fiance Chad (a spring Jamaican wedding to follow) and her twin Jeremy resides in . . .

Uptown Theater  

Uptown TheaterThe Uptown Theatre opened on August 13, 1937. It was quadded in the 1970's and was closed in the late-1980's. Work began in 2005 on a restoration/renovation project, and the auditorium was returned to a single space. In late-2009, restoration and renovation continued and it reopened in early-2010.

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An appellation is a legal term used
to define and protect the geogra-phical region where the grapes for a wine were grown. Some of the oldest wine appellations of Samaria, Carmel, Jezreel and Helbon are found in the Bible. In the United States wine appellations have been grandfathered into the American Viticultural Area better known by the acronym: AVA. Before the installation of the AVA system wine appellation regions were often defined by state or county boundaries. Using the AVA name on a wine label requires that 85% of the grapes used must come from the listed viticultural area. There are thirteen wine appellations in Napa Valley.

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