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V Marketplace  

V MarketplaceA festival-style center, once known as "Vintage 1870," V Marketplace offers upscale specialty shops, galleries and restaurants, a wine tasting cellar, and Napa Valley's original hot air balloon company, all housed within and around the historic, 140 year-old Groezinger Winery complex. Meandering cobblestone walkways, scenic views and lush picnic gardens . . .

Napa Valley Wine & Cigar  

Napa Valley Wine & CigarDue to California laws regarding online sales of tobacco products, we will no longer post prices or permit online purchases of tobacco products. We do not carry cigarettes, chewing tobacco or pipe tobacco.


BaksheeshBaksheesh retails handcrafted gifts from about 40 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Most items are available year-round, but there are always some on their way from halfway around the world. A few of our favorites: recycled newspaper hotmats from the Philippines, recycled soda can girlfriends pins from Kenya, ceramic pig salsa dishes from . . .

Napa Soap Company  

Napa Soap CompanyNapa Soap Company was founded by Napa Valley local, Sheila Rockwood. Having grown up in the Napa Valley, Sheila wanted to create a product which utilized ingredients made in the Napa Valley. She also wanted to create a product which could truly work - one which others could enjoy and use. Sheila was also very conscious in creating a small business . . .

American Indian Trading Company  

American Indian Trading CompanyOur store is located in Calistoga, in the northern part of Napa Valley, California and we work with artists from all tribes. We are Vince and Alice Pellerin. We take great pride in every piece we bring into the store as we hand pick each item with great care. We work with artist from our local area as well as from far away. Many different tribes are represented.

Hurd Beeswax Candles  

Hurd Beeswax CandlesWelcome to Hurd Beeswax Candles. Since 1954 we have supplied distinctive, hand-crafted beeswax candles to discerning customers all over the world. Beginning with our original Honeycomb Candles, the line has now expanded to include Bamboo Pillars and Tapers, Ribbon Twists, Silhouettes, Iris Leaves, Formals and all manner of Custom and Specialty . . .

Anette's Chocolate Factory  

Anette's Chocolate FactoryAnette and her brother Brent work together to create marvelous assortments of fine Truffles, Creams, Brittles, Chews, Chocolate Sauces, Caramel Sauces, Traditional and Unique Seasonal Specialties. Together they combine Napa Valley's excellence in fine wines with fine chocolates to create confectionery wonders that tantalize the senses. Stop by one of our . . .

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An appellation is a legal term used
to define and protect the geogra-phical region where the grapes for a wine were grown. Some of the oldest wine appellations of Samaria, Carmel, Jezreel and Helbon are found in the Bible. In the United States wine appellations have been grandfathered into the American Viticultural Area better known by the acronym: AVA. Before the installation of the AVA system wine appellation regions were often defined by state or county boundaries. Using the AVA name on a wine label requires that 85% of the grapes used must come from the listed viticultural area. There are thirteen wine appellations in Napa Valley.

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