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The Somatic Health Center
1119 Hunt Avenue
St Helena, CA 94574-1119

(707) 967-9567

The Somatic Health Center

The term ‘Somatics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘soma’, meaning ‘body’. However, the body is not just a ‘body’ like a piece of meat, but it is alive and has the ability to sense and to move (=function). Many people talk about the ‘mind’, the ‘body’ and the ‘spirit’, but these are all part of the same human being, being you. That is what we call the ‘soma’. When assisting people in upgrading their health or performance, it is fundamental to address the body as well as the mind, and more importantly the bridge between the two and your internal awareness.

During our lives, our bodies are continually exposed to different types of stress, injuries, trauma’s, surgery or habituated movement patterns. Our body reacts in certain muscular reflex patterns of tension. These repeatedly triggered reflexes create habitual contractions which we cannot voluntarily relax anymore. The results are patterns of stiffness, soreness and weakness that are easily able to sabotage normal joint function and sabotage normal movement. For instance, even though ‘the victim’ will try his hardest to relax the muscles in his back, he will not succeed because he has lost the ability to voluntarily connect with his back muscles.

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