Shawdow Bar

Sushi Mambo

Sushi MamboFrom critics and sushi aficionados to foodies and novices alike, the diverse clientele at Sushi Mambo is telling both of its gourmet cuisine and customer care. For nearly a decade, Sushi Mambo's sushi chefs, several boasting 20+ years experience, have been creating fresh sushi rolls, traditional and creative, to please the palates of diners. Other gourmet . . .


PressPress serves prime dry-aged beef, whole roasted chicken, and other naturally raised birds, leg of baby lamb, wild fish, heritage pork and hand-fed veal, all prepared on the kitchen’s centerpiece, a custom wood-burning grill and rotisserie. Many of the dishes at PRESS will serve two or more and are carved tableside. Side dishes are served in their . . .

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