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Go Fish

Go FishIn June 1983 Cindy Pawlcyn forever changed the wine country restaurant scene when she fired up the stoves at a roadside restaurant just north of Yountville and established herself as the haute comfort food maven. Today it's still tough to get a table at Mustards Grill where a second generation returns to tuck into old favorites. In nearby . . .


PressPress serves prime dry-aged beef, whole roasted chicken, and other naturally raised birds, leg of baby lamb, wild fish, heritage pork and hand-fed veal, all prepared on the kitchen’s centerpiece, a custom wood-burning grill and rotisserie. Many of the dishes at PRESS will serve two or more and are carved . . .

Silverado Resort

Silverado ResortAn avid leader in the sustainable movement, Executive Chef Peter Pahk creates extraordinary dishes which embody the principals of the sustainable foods movement. Simply look at the Royal Oak Restaurant menu and you’ll find it rich with local produce and poultry, USDA prime steaks, and sustainable seafood. Chef Pahk is a spokesman for the Monterey . . .


Applebee'sApplebee's is the largest casual dining chain in the world, with locations throughout the U.S. and many countries worldwide. We take pride in having a friendly, welcoming, neighborhood environment for both our staff and guests that makes everyone enjoy their Applebee's experience.


AviaWelcome to a cook's kitchen, where the food is delectable and the atmosphere is all about relaxation. At AVIA's Napa Valley hotel, the small plates menu is localized to bring you the freshest offerings daily. It's a significant departure in tastes and style from the usual. The AVIA Kitchen is the right way to begin or end your evening. The menu has been created . . .


CuveeLocated on Soscol Avenue, adjacent to the River Terrace Inn Cuvee is the perfect spot for cocktails and appetizers in our warm and friendly bar, or a cozy dinner in our inviting courtyard. The ambiance and service are of the highest caliber, while the food reflects the wine country theme with comfort foods that are the perfect accompaniment to the . . .

Downtown Joe's

Downtown Joe'sAn American Grill.... our menu features traditional American dishes, combined with the freshness of California, cooked with the flair that is true Napa Valley. Bernabe Leon and Gaspar Montoya have been a part of the creative kitchen team at Downtown Joe's since its inception in 1994. For the past ten years they have continuously adjusted menu and recipes . . .


JoLeJoLe is a Contemporary American Restaurant owned and operated by husband-and-wife team Matt and Sonjia Spector, chef and pastry chef, respectively. JoLe is the couple’s second restaurant venture. The first was the wildly successful, Matyson Restaurant in Philadelphia. "After four wonderful years at Matyson, we were eager for our next challenge, and . . .

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