Shawdow Bar


Palisades Deli and Cafe

Palisades Deli and CafeWe are conveniently located in the beautiful town of Calistoga in the Historical Calistoga Depot. Our indoor and outdoor facilities are ideal for Wine Country Bikers. We offer a wide variety of specialty sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, entrees, tacos burritos, espresso drinks and a breakfast menu. Our patio is perfect for special events, catering and . . .

Frankie's Deli

Frankie's DeliFrankie's great nieces, Michele and Mindy, are proud to be bringing the Italian Deli & Grocery back to Main Street! In the early 1900's, immigrants from Lake Como Italy, made their way through Ellis Island, San Francisco and points north to downtown Napa. For three decades, Frank Rossi, his family and friends, owned and operated his store in classic Italian style.


MarketLocated in the charming town of St. Helena, Market Restaurant offers an elegant, yet comfortable dining experience, focusing on American classics with a fresh seasonal approach. The refined atmosphere, warm genuine service and commitment to the highest quality food from local organic farms, creates an inviting environment that makes dining ou . . .

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An appellation is a legal term used
to define and protect the geogra-phical region where the grapes for a wine were grown. Some of the oldest wine appellations of Samaria, Carmel, Jezreel and Helbon are found in the Bible. In the United States wine appellations have been grandfathered into the American Viticultural Area better known by the acronym: AVA. Before the installation of the AVA system wine appellation regions were often defined by state or county boundaries. Using the AVA name on a wine label requires that 85% of the grapes used must come from the listed viticultural area. There are thirteen wine appellations in Napa Valley.

    Wine Appellations