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Calistoga Roastery

Calistoga RoasteryLeaving the corporate coffee world of San Francisco and Los Angeles in the 80’s, after stints at Pasqua and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Clive Richardson was drawn to Calistoga by an old colleague Jack Martin to venture out independently and they opened the Calistoga Roastery on July 3rd 1992. Moving to its current location in 2004 the focus remains the . . .

Yo el Rey Roasting

Yo el Rey RoastingFirst and only solely Fair Trade, Organic, micro-roastery and retail coffee shop in Calistoga and or the Napa Valley. Yo el Rey Roasting is a sustainable, seasonal, independent, artisan, socially, humanistically, and environmentally conscious, micro-roastery and retail coffee shop. Our beans are roasted to a medium-ish roast profile to lock in . . .

Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Co, Inc.

NV Coffee Roasting Co, Inc.Roasting coffee is based on cooking a complex starch into a pleasing caramelized sugar. Each bean requires a specific roasting profile: the time and temperature required for turning a green coffee bean into a brown roasted coffee bean. Coffee under roasted tastes of grass, and coffee over roasted tastes of burnt rancid carbon. The Napa Valley Coffee Roasting . . .

Sogni Di Dolci  

Sogni Di DolciCOMMING THIS SUMMER: An Italian inspired espresso bar, café & gelateria located in the beautiful town of St. Helena, in the heart of the Napa Valley. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff serves the finest Italian coffees, gelato, pastries and of course a wide selection of authentic panini’s. Come and enjoy your morning espresso and cornetto, perhaps . . .

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An appellation is a legal term used
to define and protect the geogra-phical region where the grapes for a wine were grown. Some of the oldest wine appellations of Samaria, Carmel, Jezreel and Helbon are found in the Bible. In the United States wine appellations have been grandfathered into the American Viticultural Area better known by the acronym: AVA. Before the installation of the AVA system wine appellation regions were often defined by state or county boundaries. Using the AVA name on a wine label requires that 85% of the grapes used must come from the listed viticultural area. There are thirteen wine appellations in Napa Valley.

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