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Close your eyes. Imagine that you’ve never tasted a drop of wine. When you try to imagine a wine-tasting, what comes to mind? Stereotypically, we think of the quiet atmosphere of a high-class restaurant or the showroom of an upscale home. What we don’t consider is going to a place where we can be close to nature and Mount Veeder blows those notions out of the water. Mount Veeder’s first wine, made by Captain Stelham Wing, was introduced at the Napa County Fair in 1864. Wine-making in this region was centered in a Germanic tradition with the founding of Streich Winery and the Fisher Winery in the 1880s. Following this tradition, in 1900 Theodore Geir began the first commercial production of wine in Mount Veeder. Mount Veeder became an official sub-appellation of Napa Valley in 1993. While there may be only 20 wineries on Mount Veeder, they are known to produce high quality wines.

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