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Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages Festival
Rock of Ages FestivalThe Rock of Ages Festival is looking to find partners in ministry within Bay Area churches. Each year our ministry continues to grow; all by the grace of God. However, with growth comes more responsibility … and here is where churches come in. We would like to form a relationship with healthy churches throughout the Bay Area; a relationship that is mutually . . .

The Louie Vermeil Classic
The Louie Vermeil ClassicCalistoga is not only a picturesque dirt track, it is one of the oldest, continuously operated race tracks in the nation. The big half-mile oval is also one of the largest and fastest dirt tracks in the western United States. In 1937, as the Model A was dominating America’s roadways, a promoter with the colorful nick-name of “Fancy Pants,” came to town with a fancy idea . . .

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