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Napa Soda SpringsMany adhere to the view of cyclical life. This holds true for Atlas Peak. During the 19th century, Napa Valley played winter refuge to the groups of nomadic miners that traveled across California. Atlas Peak was originally a luxurious vacation spot beginning Napa Soda Springs at its foot. Its notoriety grew, culminating with a visit from the 23rd President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison, in 1894. Building upon this success, the first grapes were planted in 1875 and they were mainly shipped to outlying wineries.
Prohibition began the downward curve of the cycle. It brought a halt to the grape harvest, causing many farmers to change to another crop or worse, let their vines die. The first vines were replanted in 1940, beginning a rise that progressed slowly until 1981 when large plantings began and again in 1985 with the arrival of Atlas Peak Winery, the appellation’s first winery. Today things are full circle. Atlas Peak not only produces their own wines, they source grapes to many wineries in Napa Valley.

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